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Promotion Application - Women's Premier League

Date: 31 May 2018 at 10:52 by Peter Reynolds

Supporters will be aware from information in the press that Coventry United did not succeed with an application to reach the second tier of Women's professional football.

Despite realistic expectations going into the bidding process, given the high number of applicants, the developmental work we still need to do as a club and the reputation and prestige of the opposition, we are still very disappointed. We assembled a compelling bid, made a presentation at Wembley to match, but that was not enough to convince the 4-person panel that we merited one of the few places available.

Fans will have noticed that teams we are accustomed to beating in our own division have been given the nod ahead of us. Team performance, unfortunately, is just one factor of many used by the F.A. when making their assessment. 

We are pleased to share, however, that representatives of the F.A. will be visiting us shortly to talk about our bid, helping us to identify why we were not chosen. We will act on this and make the necessary sustainable improvements required at Coventry United, although with the advent of our 10-year plan, it is highly likely that we are doing the right things already .... it's just a matter of time.

I'll repeat what I said at the interview panel at Wembley last month when asked what Coventry United would do if our bid was unsuccessful: "Simple, we will win the league next year and give you absolutely no choice !"

That's our plan. The Women's team is magnificent, the skill level sublime, and if you haven't been along to see them play yet, you are missing a great thing. We are proud of them all.



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